iso prosecProfessional Security: Pro.sec s.a.r.l.

Pro.sec is a leading provider of Security Services, Static guards, Money haulage, VIP Close protection, Events security, Security training, Security consultancy and Risk assessment. 

Pro.sec is the local partner of many international security companies from Europe and the USA such as GEOS, Constellis, Control Risk, Trident, and many others.

Over the years Pro.sec provided security services to a wide range of clients in various sectors.

From embassies, airports, hospitals, universities, banks, NGOs, commercial companies, residential buildings, malls, museums, television and broadcasting to oil and gas, Pro.sec offers various solutions to mitigate the risks and provide the best quality of services.


General Pierre Georgiou

Pierre Hadji Georgiou graduated from the military academy in 1976. He served in the directorate of intelligence, counter-terrorism and counter-espionage dept. and established the first hostage rescue force in the Middle East under the supervision of an expert American team. He also commanded mechanized infantry battalions.

Recipient of numeral medals for outstanding work during his service

General Georgiou retired from the Army in 1998 and established Pro.sec along with the following Companies:

• Regeoli (2006): Provision, installation and distribution of security equipment

• Pro.sec Offshore (2006): Trade operations outside Lebanon

• Pro.sec School (2010): Training Academy

• Pro.sec Holding (2010)

• Petroco (2011): Military and hunting arms trade licensed by a presidential decree

• Pro.sec Standard Synergy-Nigeria (2012): Provision, installation and distribution of security equipment

• Regeoli – Nigeria (2012): Provision, installation and distribution of security equipment

• Soter Group – Kuwait (2016): Security services and static guards