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SMES - 2011

BEIRUT: An international exhibition featuring the latest military- and security-related technology and equipment will take place in November in Beirut, Interior Minister Marwan Charbel announced Thursday.
 “This exhibition will provide a valuable opportunity for the security and the military establishments in Lebanon to communicate with the biggest international firms and to be informed on the latest industries and technologies, and inform these companies about the needs of the Lebanese Army and the security forces,” said Riad Kahwaji, executive director of the Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis, which is organizing the exhibition.


Experts in the field of security and military technology will be “surprised” by some of the hi-tech skills and capabilities that will be featured during the exhibition, Kahwaji said.

Charbel said he “didn’t hesitate” when asked about organizing a second exhibition in Lebanon, “not because I’m a soldier” but because he very much enjoyed the first event and was impressed at the high turnout of important figures.

He said that all international exhibitions organized in the country aimed at showing foreigners that “Lebanon is a distinguished country ready to receive and embrace everything that can benefit Lebanon and the Lebanese.”


The exhibition, organized under the patronage of Prime Minister Najib Mikati, will take place at the BIEL exhibition grounds from Nov. 28-30. An earlier edition of the exhibition was held in Beirut in 2009.

During a conference prior to the exhibition, senior security officials will give presentations on the dangers facing the country’s security situation and how to confront them.

“This security exhibition tackles modern techniques that provide protection and take part in limiting crime and terrorist operations,” Charbel said, and that there was “a pressing need to preserve stability and build on it.”

“This exhibition is for the security and military establishments as well as the private sector, and has no political stance,” Kahwaji stressed.

Charbel said that the “advanced devices” that will be presented during the exhibition “reconciled preserving security and respecting human rights,” which he said was “central” as the security forces’ role was “to guarantee the unity and safety of the society.”

The exhibition will present material in relation to national security, border security and combating terrorism, Charbel explained, adding that the country had paid a “high price in combating terrorism.”

He admitted the country’s security establishment had a “severe need” to improve in the field of electronic weapons and devices, but said it wouldn’t hesitate in confronting “any attempt to destabilize or threaten Lebanon.”

“The state promises to make persistent efforts to provide the security establishment with all their needs,” he added, saying this commitment was included in the Cabinet’s policy statement.

Charbel also mentioned recent security related incidents, such as the kidnapping and release of seven Estonian nationals earlier this year and a deadly explosion in Antelias earlier this month, and said the security situation in the country was under control.

ADARRI Magazine - July 2010

July 2010 - ADARRI Magazine Cover. PRO.SEC Wins the International Star for Leadership in Quality Award in Frankfurt.

Adarri-Prosec - Check the article: Winner of the B.I.D. International Star for Leadership in Quality Award in Frankfurt

Golden Award for the Best Trade Name - Paris - May 11, 2009:

Golden Award Prosec has been chosen this year for the Golden Award of the Best Trade Name - 2009 which was held in Paris on the 11th of June, 2009 by "Editorial Ofice" which is a Spanish company specialized in rewarding trade names companies, and this throughout their work achievements and their success. The trophy was presented to the Vice President Elie Georgiou and the CEO General Rachid Aoun who attended this event as Prosec representatives.



VIP close details to protect the European observers of the Lebanese elections - May & June, 2009:

Prosec is providing today the VIP close details to protect the European observers of the Lebanese elections 2009 and is providing their site security.

Conference on security, was held in hotel Marriott, Bucharest - March 17, 2009:

Conference on security, was held in hotel Marriott, Bucharest headed by MIRA TELECOM , on the 13th and 14th of March 2009.

Many companies from different countries, USA, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Lebanon, attended the conference. Lots of companies showed interest in Prosec where they can have opportunities with her to enter the Lebanese and Arab market.
An Agreement was made between some of the companies and Prosec for agency representation in Lebanon and Iraq, and these companies will participate in the enigma SMES exhibition for security equipment at the Biel down town Beirut between the 20th and 22nd of April 2009.


The LEBANON OPPORTUNITIES MAGAZINE in its Issue June 2008, page 81  mentioned the following about Prosec:

PROSEC Danger Men

Professional security provider, Prosec thrives in a dangerous environment. The bombings and insecurity prevalent during the past few years helped the company's grow. Since 2005 headcount grew from 300 to more than 700 which 550 employees are in permanent jobs and the rest are on special assignments. Prosec has upgraded its technology and equipment for its command, control, and communication setup. This includes the introduction of GPS systems and live transmission camera recordings. Prosec has also invested in explosives detection, including trained dogs, and mine clearing, and has participated in clearing minefields in the South. The company has also upgraded its cars from regular to armored, and have branched into renting or selling armored cars , both locally and around the region, particularly Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Prosec has also expanded in airport security solutions.

First security company that created the K9 teams - January 3, 2007:

In 2007 PRO.SEC was the first security company that created the K9 teams to ensure the best dogs in detecting bombs and dog security guards.

Prosec is chosen for the GOLDEN AWARD FOR THE BEST TRADE NAME - February 11, 2009:

On the occasion of the INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR THE BEST TRADE NAME, editorial ofice & trade leaders' club have chosen Prosec for the GOLDEN AWARD FOR THE BEST TRADE NAME.

Prosec Sponsored the ATCL-Rally of Lebanon - 30 June 2006:

Sponsoring Events:
Prosec Sponsored the ATCL-Rally of Lebanon 2006 by installing GPS/GPRS tracking units of the first 20 racing cars.