The overall service

guard Because of the needs of the Security Market in Lebanon and the high threat lately,

Pro.sec took the initiative to provide all the necessary equipment to help the Guards ensure a high level of security.

Where we provide this service for the following:

Banks, Hospitals, Schools, Embassies, Residences, Yachts and Boats, etc.....

Today Pro.sec is relying on high tech equipment to enhance the security level such as:

1. X-ray Luggage scanners.
2. Explosive Detectors and vapor tracer
3. Walk Through and Hand Held Metal Detectors.
4. Dog Team, Alarms, cctv (video tracking and long range)
5. crash barrier and bollards
6. analogue digital MPT tracking
7. armored cars
8. Bullet proof vests
9. bomb URC

guards cars2