Security consultancy and risk assessment

Due to the market’s high demand Pro.sec ex-military teams provide consultancy and security assessment for any organization. The security assessments demonstrate an objective analysis of the effectiveness of the security controls that protect an organization’s assets and recommend a complete solution to mitigate the risk associated with each and every existing threat.

Pro.sec Risk Assessments are based on ISO 31000 Risk Management.

Security Assessment Matrix


Due to the lack of expert and knowledge in the security fields Pro.sec has established its own security training school to raise awareness and enhance the performance of security personnel.

All of Pro.sec‘s security guards follow a basic training and have to take a written exam prior to their employment. Only those who succeed are accepted within Pro.sec workforce.
Pro.sec school also offers classes to private sectors such as banks, hotels…

Some of those classes are:

  • Basic and advanced security
  • Fire fighting
  • Evacuation
  • First aid